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What You Need To Know About Timing Belts

Not many owners know what the function of the timing belt is in their vehicle. That's not surprising, but you might be surprised to learn how vital it is to their engine! Your timing belt directly affects the pistons' movements and maintains the speed at which your engine is working. Over time, the timing belt will begin to wear, and if it gets too damaged, it halts the engine entirely. At Auto Clinic, our factory-trained technicians are experienced in timing belt replacement and recognize the signs when that auto repair is necessary. We put together a list of the five most common warning signs from your vehicle. If you recognize any of these in your own car, give us a call at (719) 597-3113 to make an appointment.

  • Rough Idling: If the teeth of the timing belt begin to deteriorate, it will add a roughness to the movement of the pistons, and you will feel this while your engine is idling.
  • Low Oil Pressure: If the timing belt is beginning to disintegrate, pieces may fall into the oil pan and cause the oil pressure to decline. This may happen slowly over time, so regular oil changes will also prevent worse damage.
  • Smoke: A much more common sign of engine failure, smoke could mean many different problems. If the timing belt is failing, it will not be ventilating the engine correctly, and smoke will begin to accumulate. As a rule, any smoke from your engine requires immediate attention.
  • Misfire: A much louder sign from your engine would be a misfire. This would indicate a timing belt failure. This instance also requires immediate attention.
  • Broken Pistons: If your timing belt comes loose and the engine is not immediately stopped, the pistons and camshaft will not be timed correctly, and the pistons and valves will collide, causing immense engine damage.
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Though the timing belt wears slowly over time, once it begins to fail, it goes downhill quickly! That's why our ASE certified technicians recommend regular preventative maintenance checks. These checks give us the opportunity to look over your engine for developing faults before they become big problems. However, if your engine is already ticking all the boxes for timing belt failure, contact us immediately. At Auto Clinic, we are ready to jump in and provide thorough and timely repairs to get you and your vehicle back onto the road. If you have concerns about your timing belt health, come by the shop today at 3650 Jeannine Drive to speak to one of our technicians.

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