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When it comes to the performance aspects of a vehicle, some owners prioritize a smooth ride as much as fuel efficiency and power. Vehicle suspension and a comfortable ride are what turn time in your car from a chore to a pleasure. At Auto Clinic, we have repaired suspensions so ragged that Fred Flintstone would have been uncomfortable. Whether you are experiencing a particularly uncomfortable or uncontrollable ride, or just want a check-up, call our technicians at (719) 597-3113 to schedule an appointment to check on your suspension.

When to Worry About Suspension Repairs

Suspension repair shouldn’t be a concern for new vehicle owners unless they experience an accident or an emergency repair situation. The shocks and struts that make up the suspension system of your engine wear over time, and that directly affects how smoothly your engine operates and how much control you have over your vehicle. Driving the roads of Colorado Springs with the unpredictable weather of our many seasons may cause that wear to happen more quickly than in other driving environments. The more difficult the roads, the more quickly the suspension can be damaged. Our technicians put together a list of the six most common symptoms that a vehicle needs suspension repair.

  1. Bounce: The most common symptom of suspension issues, a bumpy ride is usually the first thing a driver notices.
  2. Drift: Your suspension also cushions your vehicle during sharp turns and maneuvers. If you feel the centrifugal force pulling you away from the turn, that may mean your suspension needs attention.
  3. Dip: When you brake in your vehicle, the suspension softens the force of the stop. When the suspension fails, your vehicle will dip at the end of braking as it makes a complete stop. If you notice your vehicle performing this bobbing motion after coming to a halt, your suspension may be at fault.
  4. Tires: If you ride with poor suspension for long enough, it will start to affect the other areas of your vehicle. If your tires begin to wear unevenly, your suspension may be causing your car to sit incorrectly on the tires.
  5. Oil: If you suspect faulty suspension, you can confirm this by looking at the shocks and struts. If they are oily and damaged, that means their fluid is leaking, and they require repair.
  6. Test: If all else fails, our technicians recommend a bounce test. At either the trunk or hood of your vehicle, bounce that end several times and let go. If your car continues to bounce more than 2 or 3 times, your suspension needs repair.
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