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Brakes are an all-weather, all-season necessity. There isn't a time where you don't need your brakes to be in excellent condition, especially in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Whether you are fighting traffic or the elements, your ability to bring your vehicle to a safe and complete stop is the most important safety feature you have. Our technicians are always listening for the telltale signs of brake failure. If you say that you are experiencing decreased stopping power or hearing a grinding noise when you engage the brakes, we hear that as warning alarms in our heads. At Auto Clinic, we prioritize your safety and the safety of our community. Poor brake health can affect your ability to maneuver as well as how quickly you can come to a complete stop. If you have concerns about your brake health, call us today at (719) 597-3113 to make an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians.

Warning Signs

Poor brake health isn't always as obvious as pumping the brakes and feeling no effect on your speed. Your brakes wear down slowly over time, and the signs are just as gradual. If your car shudders when you brake, that means the brake pad's surface is wearing smooth, and they are not providing any traction to stop your tires. The same sliding effect can create a high-pitched squealing sound that also is a loud signal to check your brake health. Smoke and smell often go hand in hand and will appear when your brakes are working their hardest to stop the vehicle. If you sense burning smells or smoke, find a safe place to park and turn off the vehicle immediately. At Auto Clinic, our technicians are trained in emergency repairs and can help you determine the best services to get your vehicle back on the road safely.

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Brakes and Performance

For European performance vehicles like Audi and BMW, brakes are just as essential as the German engineering that brings you the power and speed that you love. If you're going to push your engine to the limits, you also want to be able to come to a complete stop safely. Our technicians will be the first to tell you that brake health is paramount to vehicle maintenance. For vehicle owners following a preventative maintenance plan, regular brake checks will ensure your brakes never get to a critical level of wear before they are replaced. Along with other regular services like oil changes and tire rotation, our technicians can keep your vehicle in like-new condition year after year. Come by the shop today to speak to our staff or make an appointment. Find us at 3650 Jeannine Drive. We can't wait to see you!

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