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In Colorado Springs, Colorado, we rely on our air conditioning more often than people would think. It is especially important in our vehicles because of the brilliant sun we have baking the cars here. For 30 years, Auto Clinic has been keeping drivers comfortable, and engines safely cooled. From European imports to American utility vehicles, we accept all makes and models and have worked on every kind of system. We don’t turn away a difficult fix. We work with our team and the car owner to get the repair done right every time. Give us a call today at (719) 597-3113 to make an appointment for our technicians to check on your air systems.

Common and Uncommon AC Issues

Uncomfortable temperatures aren’t the only symptoms of failing air conditioning. Sometimes your system can develop an odor if the filters aren’t replaced regularly. The heat in your engine also creates a lot of moisture that’s super-heated and pushed through the filtration system. If that damp is trapped by poor ventilation, mildew may begin to develop. Refrigerant leaks are also a common problem in vehicles. Your AC system has many different tubes and connections. If those develop any leaks, the refrigerant could leak and leave your system vulnerable to overheating. Whether you see a leak or notice a smell, the most common problem is overheating, either in the passenger cabin or the engine. If this happens, our ASE certified technicians will identify the issue, work with you to determine the best course of repair, and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Come by today to discuss your vehicle needs with our technicians. You can find us at 3650 Jeannine Drive.

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If you’re not uncomfortable enough yet to come in for a whole AC repair, there are some methods you can try to improve your airflow from home. If you’re driving solo and feeling a bit warm, you can close the vents to the passenger side and improve the airflow to the driver. Make sure all the vents are fully open on your side, too. Don’t overheat the engine! If you’re pushing the pedal to the metal, the AC is going to work at cooling the engine before it diverts cool air to the passengers. Choosing shaded parking spaces will prevent uncomfortable temperatures when you first get in your vehicle. If you can’t avoid that hot parking lot, open your windows when you first get in and let the ac run for a few minutes to expel the heated air from the car. When all else fails, it may be time to bring your vehicle to Auto Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and our factory-trained technicians will take it from there!

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