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Comprehensive Auto Care for All Makes

For 30 years, Auto Clinic has been striving to provide expert automotive repairs and excellent customer service to Colorado Springs residents. Being an independent shop means we have to be ready to encounter any emergency repair or service, and our technicians have seen it all! Through training and experience, we have learned the best diagnostic and repair techniques to rival any dealership team. The customers we see have such varying needs, but we always deliver the results they need.

Performance Vehicles

Our customers who have invested in a high-end performance vehicle, like Audi or Mercedes, expect factory-trained technicians and prices to rival the dealership. At Auto Clinic, we have both! We are constantly improving our diagnostic equipment and techniques to help us identify areas of stress on your vehicle. By following the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and addressing any repairs as quickly as possible, we help our customers maintain their import for years after they bring it home. To schedule an appointment for your performance vehicle, call us at (719) 597-3113 today.

Preventative Maintenance

Any vehicle, performance or people carrier, truck or track car, can benefit from a regular preventative maintenance schedule. Our technicians recommend regular services like oil changes, brake repairs, tire rotation, wheel alignments, and timing belt replacements just to name a few, so that your vehicle stays safe and reliable. Keeping an eye on your tire tread is one of the biggest things people overlook, and without proper tread depth your tires could be unsafe. We also take the opportunity to check typical areas of stress to anticipate any future repairs. At Auto Clinic, we tell our customers that preventative maintenance is to fix any problems now to prevent any disasters later. Checking your tire pressure will seem like a small price to pay to avoid a blow-out while driving down I-25!

Quality Automotive Services

Emergency Repairs

By far, the most challenging part of our job are emergency repairs that have all the elements of disaster. Interrupted plans. Unexplained vehicle damage. Unexpected cost. From the start, our technicians are ready to help customers with emergency repairs to assess the situation and choose the most efficient and effective way to get their vehicle road-ready again. We have built our reputation in Colorado Springs on going the extra mile for our customers. We’ll take on any repair, provide you with various options and services, and work to get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible.

Contact Us for Reliable Service!

When you need your performance car to really get up off the line, but also bring you safely to a stop before the next light, Auto Clinic can help. If your commuter vehicle is having issues with its air conditioning, we will work to make sure it's blowing cold air again. Whatever your vehicle needs, come by the shop today at 3650 Jeannine Drive to speak to our factory-trained technicians.

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