Clean Fuel & Why It's Important


The importance of clean fuel has multiplied, now that fuel pumps operate under much higher pressures than they used to. Older vehicles had mechanical pumps that operated under low pressure and would signal the end of their service life by leaking fuel! Today’s pumps are typically enclosed in your fuel tank, and can be serviced with a new filter long before they wear out.

Fuel can be contaminated in many ways, but the most common is during the distribution process. We hope that the refinery has clean tanks; that the truck that brings the fuel to our local gas station is also clean, and the station’s tanks are also free of any contaminants. The truth, however, is that dirt, debris and even condensation can accumulate in any of these tanks at any time.  Once pumped into your tank, these contaminants can restrict fuel flow, clog filters and disrupt the proper operation of fuel injectors.

If your engine is running rough, it may need to have the fuel system cleaned. This would typically require a replacement of fuel filter(s), and some chemical additives to clean the injectors. In extreme cases, the fuel tank might have to be drained and cleaned, and the injectors removed and mechanically cleared and cleaned.

When your engine is running rough, no matter what the symptoms, we’re here to help. Come on in and we’ll give it a thorough diagnosis and repair cost estimate.

Service Reminders

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