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When our team says they don't turn down an auto repair, we mean it. We've brought vehicles back that were on their way to the scrapyard. We have restored the family wagon to the safety and comfort from before an unhappy breakdown. We see a crisis and begin working on the solution as soon as you step into our store. At Auto Clinic, our ASE-certified technicians know each repair is important to the driver and passengers of that vehicle, and our priority is sending safe vehicles back onto the roads of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Whether we see you every six months for preventative maintenance or only when your check engine light is on, we greet you like family and treat you even better! Call (719) 597-3113 to make an appointment today.

Dealership-Alternative & Locally Owned

For 30 years, Auto Clinic has been serving the Colorado Springs community, and we have seen our share of competition. When it comes to European imports, we offer an alternative to the stuffy dealership experience. You chose a luxury model, but you don't need to be paying those prices for the life of the vehicle! Instead, we offer the service without the price tag. Whether you just drove it off the lot or are maintaining your classic car, our technicians are trained on all makes and models to advise on the best course of repairs. And because we are locally owned, we aren't tied to a national sales goal or service volume. Our goal is simple, to offer the best repairs and the best customer service, so we keep our clients coming back.

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Some of our customers are regulars. They follow the manufacturer's suggested schedule for preventative maintenance, and we see them for oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and timing belt replacements. Some clients show up when the wheels are ready to fall off. Others bring us their new purchase and want to talk about improving performance. No matter what kind of car owner you are, we listen to your concerns, offer various options for repairs or services, and work with our team to complete your repair as efficiently as possible. The more we hear from you, the better the repair will be in the end. If you notice any issues in your vehicle, like stiff steering or unusual sounds, that can help us more easily identify the problem. If you have very clear ideas about your vehicle's improvements, we can discuss services that will unleash your vehicle's top performance. Come by the shop today at 3650 Jeannine Drive to talk to our team about your vehicle needs.

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Chris Mabry - Owner

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Justin Richard - Technician